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FieldDAQ MAC Addresses

    Last Modified: August 23, 2019

    The FieldDAQ device is associated with two MAC addresses—both of which are labeled on the device—device and switch. These MAC addresses are not associated with a particular Ethernet port, but both addresses can appear on both ports as necessary.

    Table 1. NI MAX Device and Switch MAC Addresses
    Device MAC Address Switch MAC Address
    Associated with the device's IP address Associated with the internal Ethernet switch—not associated with the device’s IP address
    Used by normal device traffic Used for Ethernet protocols for network configuration and synchronization
    Listed in MAX Not listed in MAX

    The switch MAC address is used to implement the following switch protocols:

    • IEEE 802.1AS-2011 (Precision Time Protocol)
    • IEEE 802.1Q (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol [RSTP])
    • IEEE 1588-2008 (Precision Time Protocol)[1]

    The switch MAC address only appears in packets exchanged between the switch embedded in the FieldDAQ device and the next Ethernet device. It will not propagate further in a properly configured network.

    • 1 IEEE 1588 protocol is supported in NI-DAQmx 18.1 and later.

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