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Assembling the FD-11954 Field Serviceable Connector

    Last Modified: October 14, 2020

    The FD-11954 (part number 785894-01) is a field terminable I/O connector you can attach to unterminated (pigtail) cables for use with the 4-pin high-voltage FD-11605 device. The kit contains one 4-pin field terminal connector and conductive tape.


    Do not unscrew the interior wire holder from the end cap.

    Complete the following steps to set up the FD-11954.

    1. On the cable, use wire strippers to remove 80 mm (3.14 in.) of the cable jacket. Strip cable shield such that it extends approximately 6 mm (0.2 in.) from the end of the jacket. Do not strip the signal wires.
    2. Prepare the exposed shield for your cable.
      Cable Diameter Instructions Diagram
      6 mm9.7 mm (0.24 in.0.34 in.) Wind the conductive tape around the exposed shield.
      5 mm6 mm (0.2 in.0.24 in.) Fold the exposed shield over the jacket and wind the conductive tape around the exposed shield.
    3. Feed the cable wiring through the hexagonal end of the cable-side of the connector until it bottoms out. The conductive tape makes contact with the interior of the connector.
      Figure 1. Inserting the Cable
    4. Align each signal wire with its color-coded channel inside of the connector. Take care to distinguish the white slot for terminal 2 (AI-) from the uncolored, unused slot adjacent clockwise to it.
    5. Bend the wires out of the connector, guiding them through the appropriate slot to lock in place.
      Figure 2. Cable-Side Connections
    6. Use a side cutter to cut the exposed signal wires flush with the connector.
      Figure 3. Cutting the Signal Wires
    7. Align the arrows on both ends of the connector to reattach. Screw both ends together to a torque of 5 N ⋅ m (44.25 lb · in.) with a 15 mm wrench.
      Figure 4. Reattaching the Connector
    8. Connect your cable to the voltage input connector on your FieldDAQ device with a torque of 0.6 N · m (5.31 lb · in.) .

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