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SLSC Systems in Real-Time Schemes

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

A SLSC system is composed of chassis and module devices.

A SLSC chassis interfaces with the network and provides multiple slots for SLSC modules. A SLSC module contains circuitry for switching, loads, and signal conditioning.

The device under test and the measurement device send signals to the SLSC system for signal conditioning. The SLSC system passes the signals on to the next stage in the real-time scheme. Signals can pass back and forth through this process from either the measurement device or the device under test. The direction of the signals depends on the set up of the real-time scheme.

SLSC devices are assigned names using the following user-defined format.
Device Name Format
Chassis SLSC-<chassis_model>-<chassis_serial_number>
Module <chassis_name>-Mod<slot_number>

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