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Numerics Controls

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Enter and display numeric data.

Which Numerics Control Should I Use?

Control Use
Numeric control and indicator Enter or display numeric data.
Sliders Display numeric data in a vertical or horizontal slide with a customizable scale and a pointer that helps you see the exact value.
Gauge, Meter, and Knob Enter or display numeric data in a rotary scale.
Tank Display numeric data in a vertical slide that resembles a real tank or thermometer instrument.
Timestamp Enter or display a time and date value.
Progress bars Show progress in a vertical bar or circle.

What Is the Difference between Significant Digits and Digits of Precision?

Significant digits specifies the number of significant digits to display in the numeric control.

Digits of precision specifies how many digits to display after the decimal point.

How Do I Use, View, and Store Absolute Time?

Use the Timestamp control to use, view, and store absolute time with high precision. This data type can accurately store 18 digits of precision in whole seconds and 19 digits of precision in fractions of a second. The Timestamp control displays values in local time. However, the timestamp wire data type stores values in UTC.

Although you can use a numeric control to display timestamp values, the numeric control holds a relative quantity. The Timestamp control holds an absolute quantity.

What Characters Do Numerics Controls Accept?

Character(s) Description
Hexadecimal digits 0 through F
Octal digits 0 through 7
Binary digits 0 and 1
Decimal digits 1, 1.0, 2, 3.5, and so on
. Decimal point
+ Positive symbol
- Negative symbol
E or e For scientific or engineering notation format
Infinity Infinity
NaN Not a number
/ For use in absolute time format
: For use in absolute time format
AM, am, PM, pm For use in absolute time format
SI prefixes
y yocto (10 -24 )
z zepto (10 -21 )
a atto (10 -18 )
f femto (10 -15 )
p pico (10 -12 )
n nano (10 -9 )
u micro (10 -6 )
m milli (10 -3 )
c centi (10 -2 )
d deci (10 -1 )
da deka (10 1 )
h hecto (10 2 )
k kilo (10 3 )
M mega (10 6 )
G giga (10 9 )
T tera (10 12 )
P peta (10 15 )
E exa (10 18 )
Z zetta (10 21 )
Y yotta (10 24 )

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