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Supported Formatting for Model Parameter Files

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

You need to format .txt and .m files correctly to use them in the Model Parameter Manager tool.

The following table displays the file types and how they should be formatted.
File Type Description Example Formatting Limitations

Support for simple text files that conform to the model parameter file format that several other VeriStand features support.

Refer to Supported Syntax in Model Parameter Files for more information about this type of file.

a	10
b	a * 2

The Model Parameter Manager imports and sets the result of the expression rather than the expression itself.

The Model Parameter Manager sets the value of b to 20, not a * 2.

Changes to the value of a do not affect b because the original expression is no longer valid.

Support for .m model parameter files that perform one or both of the following actions:
  • Assigns constant values to parameters.
  • Defines parameter values as the result of simple expressions that include other parameters or variables defined in the .m file.

This feature only supports simple assignments and expressions, not the entire .m file syntax.

temp = 1;
b = (temp * 3) / 2;
  • Expressions must depend on other parameters or variables.
  • The names of parameters and variables used in expressions must start with a letter and contain only alphanumeric characters or underscores.

Otherwise the Model Parameter Manager displays an error glyph ( ).

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