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Integrating and Executing Models

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Use models to mathematically represent real-world systems in your VeriStand project.

Before you begin, determine if VeriStand supports your model. Simulate both the plant and controller to create a closed-loop control system within a software model. Use models for signal generation, signal analysis, and control. For more information on using models in VeriStand, refer to Models FAQs.
  1. Select a compilerDownload compiler tools to convert models made in other modeling environments.
  2. Prepare your model for use.
  3. Add and configure the modelConnect a model to other parts of the system and run the model on a hardware target.
  4. Control and monitor model executionUse model execution channels to interact with models.
If you have problems after integrating your model with VeriStand, refer to Common Issues with Models in VeriStand.

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