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Custom Device Framework

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Follow the custom device framework to ensure your LabVIEW code interacts correctly with VeriStand.

The custom device framework consists of type definitions, specifically named controls and indicators, template VIs, and a LabVIEW API. These items form the rules, or framework, that allow your code to interact with VeriStand.

The following table describes the components of the framework.
Component Description
Custom Device XML file The Custom Device XML file enables you to define parts of the custom device in System Explorer, specify which VIs to call, and select the dependencies to deploy to an RT target.
Custom Device API Library The Custom Device API library is a LabVIEW library that contains type definitions, template VIs, and the LabVIEW API a custom device needs to interact with VeriStand.
Custom Device Library The Custom Device library is a LabVIEW library that contains the configuration and engine VIs for a custom device. The configuration and engine VIs may optionally be distributed in different LabVIEW libraries.
Build Specifications The Build Specifications in a custom device LabVIEW project includes the Configuration and Engine source distributions.

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