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Channel Calibration

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

The Channel Calibration tool displays channel information such as channel names, paths, values, and calibration dates you use to calibrate your hardware.

The following image highlights the layout of the Channel Calibration tool you will interact with to calibrate values received from a hardware device.

Scalable Channels—Displays both the Raw Value the channel acquires or generates and the Scaled and Calibrated Value.

Values in the latter column reflect both scales mapped to the channel in the system definition and calibrations you apply to the channel with this tool.

Units—Displays the units associated with the channel. If you map a scale to the channel, the units associated with the scale display.

Delete Calibration—Removes a selected channel.

The button is disabled when a selected channel does not have a calibration applied to it.

Show hidden channels?—Displays hidden channels available for calibration in the Scalable Channels table.

View History—Displays information about previous calibrations performed for a channel, including the date and time it started and the calibration coefficients.

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