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Configuring the ASAM XIL Framework

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

The ASAM XIL framework is the central class you use to manage and configure testbench ports, record data, and stimulate variables.

You can use the ASAM XIL framework to complete tasks such as logging variables and stimulating values for variables. You can also create units, data types, and framework variables, and map framework variables to testbench variables.

To configure the ASAM XIL framework, create the following XML configuration files:

  • Port configuration XML file—Configures one or more VeriStand ASAM XIL testbench ports.
  • Framework configuration XML file—Defines your ports, port configuration files, and mapping files.
  • Framework mapping XML file—Defines the labels for the testbench and framework variables and then map them together.
Locate example VeriStand ASAM XIL testbench and framework files in <Common Data>\Examples\DotNet4.6.2\ASAM XIL.

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