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Configuring Controls and Indicators to Send and Receive Data

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Configure a screen to send a receive data by mapping controls and indicators to a channel in the system definition.

A screen contains various components that allow a user to send data to a system definition as well as receive data from it. These components are called controls and indicators.

Lock—Locks the screen, making it easier to send and receive data with controls and indicators by preventing the controls from being edited while you operate them.


You can also operate controls while locked. However, you have to select the control before you can operate it.

System definition tree—Displays the configuration tree of the current system definition. You can navigate the tree to select the channel you want to map with the control or indicator.
Data source—Displays the path of the channel currently mapped to the control or indicator. The channel path is only visible when you select a control or indicator on the screen.

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