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Faulting a Channel to a Specific Value

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Fault a channel with the Channel Fault Manager to test the behavior of a system when a channel reaches a specific value.

Before you begin, you must add and connect to a system definition file in order to use VeriStand Editor tools.

  1. In the VeriStand Editor, click View»Channel Fault Manager.
  2. In the Channel Fault Manager pane, click Add Fault, and select the channel you want to fault.

    You can select multiple channels and fault all the selected channels to a single value.

  3. In the Value field, enter the value to which you want to force the channel, and then click OK. Channel Fault Manager saves the value as a pending value.
  4. Verify the value and click Apply Pending Changes to apply the value.
VeriStand forces the channel to the value you specified. To update fault values, click in the Pending Value column, enter the new value, and then click Apply Pending Changes.

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