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Imported Double Array Variable

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

An array of Boolean values.

To create this type of variable, right-click Local Variables in the Variables pane and select Import Double Array from File. In the file dialog box that displays, select a file whose data you want to import. The Import Double Array from File dialog box displays, which you use to select which channels you want to import as local variables, specify how much data to import, and preview the channel data. When you click OK, the variable(s) appear in the list of local variables.


You cannot add this type of variable from a palette or drag it to the Return Variable or Parameters sections in the Variables pane.

Property/Section Description
Identifier Specifies the name of the variable. Use this string to identify the variable in expressions.
Includes the following properties that allow you to select an import file or that display information about the data that VeriStand will import from File Path:
  • File Path—Specifies the path of the file from which to import values. You can change the import file after you create the variable; however, you cannot change other properties you set in the Import Double Array from File dialog box when you create the variable, such as the Number of Values
  • Channel—Displays the name of the channel in the import file that contains data you want to import.
  • Channel Group—Displays the name of the group in the import file that owns the Channel.
  • Subset Start Value—Displays the index of the first value imported from the file.
  • Number of Values—Displays the number of values imported from the file, starting at the Subset Start Value index.
  • Offset—Displays the amount by which channel values are offset along the y-axis.
  • Scale—Displays the multiplier by which channel values are scaled along the y-axis.
Units Specifies the units to associate with the variable value. If the channel has associated units in the import file, VeriStand uses those units. You can change the Units after you import the local variable.

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