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Customizing an FPGA Target

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

To run a project on an FPGA target, you need a bitfile (.lvbitx) and an FPGA configuration file (.fpgaconfig).

VeriStand includes bitfiles and FPGA configuration files for many FPGA targets. The default bitfiles and configuration files are sufficient for many applications. If you want to use additional digital I/O lines, use more than two PWM outputs, or have digital filtering built into the FPGA target, you must create a custom bitfile and configuration file.

Install the LabVIEW FPGA Module to create these files.

  1. Copy the sample FPGA VI and projectCreate a template by making a copy of a sample FPGA VI and project.
  2. Customize the FPGA VIModify an FPGA VI to match your hardware device.
  3. Compile the FPGA VI into a bitfilePrepare to use your FPGA VI in an FPGA target by compiling the VI into a bitfile.
  4. Create an FPGA configuration fileCreate an FPGA configuration file for the host computer.

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