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Implementing a Custom Device

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Develop a custom device to fit your requirements.

Before you begin, you should plan your custom device.
  1. Depending on your goal, complete any of the following tasks to configure the appearance and components of your custom device.
    Goal Task
    Add custom device channels and waveforms Add channels and waveforms to a custom device by using the appropriate VI within a Custom Device Library VI that runs on the host computer.
    Add custom device item properties Use VIs on the Item Properties palette to get and set properties of custom device items.
    Add custom device pages Add pages to a custom device by creating the extra page VIs and GUIDs, adding the extra pages to the custom device build specifications, and defining the pages in the Custom Device XML file.
    Implement a custom device hierarchy Implement a flat or nested hierarchy for your custom device.
    Add custom glyphs, shortcut menus, and toolbar buttons Use elements in the Custom Device XML to configure custom user interface components, such as glyphs, toolbar buttons, and shortcut menus.
    Add custom error codes Build custom error codes for your custom device using the General Error Handler VI or the Error Code File Editor.
    Automate responses to user actions Use action VI templates with the custom device XML file to automate responses to user actions.
  2. Depending on your goal, complete any of the following tasks to customize the custom device engine by completing the following tasks.
    Goal Task
    Sync an asynchronous custom device with the PCL Configure an asynchronous custom device to run synchronously with VeriStand by configuring the custom device to use the same timing source as the Primary Control Loop (PCL).
    Read and write waveforms in the custom device engine Use waveforms in custom devices to publish waveform data or read waveform data from other sources in the VeriStand Engine.
  3. Use tools to benchmark and debug the custom device.
After implementing your custom device, build the custom device.

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