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Time Period Channel Properties (CI)

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Configure counter input (CI) channel properties to measure the period of a digital signal.

With this measurement type, VeriStand measures the period of a digital signal by counting observed edges and performing a software calculation over a period of time determined by your expected range.

This method uses a software calculation that may not provide the most reliable accuracy or update rate. Alternatively, if your DAQ card supports Pulse Measurement, use values from the Frequency channel located under the counter channels in System Explorer.

Property/Section Description
Minimum Value The minimum value you expect to measure before VeriStand performs any scaling or calibration.
Maximum Value The maximum value you expect to measure, before VeriStand performs any scaling or calibration.

The maximum value of the time period determines, and is equal to, the measurement time required. The maximum update rate of the measurement is equal to the reciprocal of the maximum time period.

Count Edge Specifies on which edges of the input signal to increment or decrement the count:
  • Falling—Count falling edges.
  • Rising—Count rising edges.

For device specific information about the default terminals used for counter measurements and generations, refer to Connecting Counter Signals.

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