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Calling a Subscript from a Model Parameter File

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Call additional parameter files from within a .txt file to encapsulate certain elements of a test in separate files.

Before you begin, learn about the supported syntax for .txt files.
  1. Open a formatted .txt file.
  2. Create or open a second text file that updates parameters from the same model.

    This is the subscript file. The subscript file must use the same delimiter as the calling file.

  3. In the original file, create a new line to call the subscript.
  4. Enter subscript in the parameter column and the path to the file to call in the value column.

    The path can be absolute or relative to the directory that contains the calling file.

When the call to the top-level text file executes, VeriStand inserts the contents of the subscript file into the calling file at the line that contains the subscript call. You also can use subscript calls recursively to call subscripts from within subscripts.
The second line of the following excerpt from the ParameterUpdate2.txt example file shows how you can call a subscript file, in this case subfile.txt, from a model parameter file.

This file uses a tab delimiter.

{environment temperature (C)}     50 * tempConversionFactor
subscript     subfile.txt

This file is part of the Update Model Parameters example, available in the <Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Stimulus Profiles\ directory.

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