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Adding NI-XNET Databases

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Create a standardized file for embedded system communication in a FIBEX (.xml), CANdb (.dbc), NI-CAN (.ncd), or LDF (.ldf) format.


Refer to the NI-XNET Hardware and Software Help for detailed information about NI-XNET databases.

  1. Launch the VeriStand Editor.
  2. In the Project Files pane, double-click a system definition file (.nivssdf). System Explorer opens.
  3. Click Targets»Controller»XNET Databases in the configuration tree.
  4. Click Add Database File and choose where you want to add the database from.
    Database location How to add
    A registered NI-XNET database
    1. Click Registered XNET Database.
    2. Select an Existing Alias from the drop-down menu.
    A database on disk
    1. Click New XNET Database.
    2. Enter an Alias.
    3. Click the Path folder.
    4. In the Select a File or Folder window, select a database file.
    5. Click OK.
  5. Click OK.

    If OK is disabled, confirm that you selected a valid database file and that the database does not already appear under XNET Databases.

  6. Save the system definition file.

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