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New Features

Last Modified: March 24, 2021

Learn what's new in VeriStand 2020 R5.

VeriStand Editor

  • Modify non-active mapping diagrams while a system definition is deployed. Editing in other tabs will not disturb the deployed system.
  • Create duplicates of a system definition file. Use copies of a system definition to easily deploy and test modifications without losing the original file.
  • Monitor array-type channels while the project is running.
  • Use C# to customize and extend the VeriStand Editor. You can access examples of implemented C# code from GitHub.

Control Keyboard Shortcut Behavior from the Command Line

Use the noDeployKeys command to prevent the use of the deploy and undeploy keyboard shortcuts during a session. You can still deploy and undeploy from the Operate menu.

FPGA Add-on Custom Device

  • Use the Scripting API to turn FPGA bitfiles into flexible and reusable system definition files.
  • Load and reload bitfiles without losing a previous configuration. Scalars and waveforms from a former bitfile remain imported while those that no longer exist are removed from the new bitfile.

You can access this custom device from GitHub.

Collect Memory Usage Data with the Telemetry Custom Device

Use the Telemetry Custom Device to understand the CPU and RAM usage of your system. You can access this custom device from GitHub.

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