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Configuring and Executing Host-Side Logging

Last Modified: March 24, 2021

Use the Data Logging control to adjust log times, better format data files, select start and stop times, and more at run time.

  1. Open the Workspace.
  2. Select Screen»Edit Mode to display the Workspace Controls palette and alignment grid.
  3. Click the Workspace Controls palette.
  4. Select Logging»Logging Control and drag the control onto the alignment grid.
  5. Complete any of the following configuration goals in the Edit Settings dialog box.
    Goal Description How to configure
    Specify channels to log Designate the channels to log data from. Use the Channels page.
    Start and stop a log session with triggers

    Configure the Data Logging control to start and stop logging during a log session based on triggers. A trigger is a condition-based formula, such as EngineTemp>5000.

    When you configure a start trigger, the Data Logging control waits after a log session begins for the start trigger to evaluate to TRUE before logging.

    You can also configure a stop trigger. When you configure a stop trigger, the Data Logging control stops logging when the stop trigger evaluates to TRUE.

    Use the Start Trigger and Stop Trigger pages.
    Capture custom information about a log session

    Capture specific information from an operator at the start of a log session using properties. Any captured properties are added as metadata to all log files generated during the log session.

    For example, you can prompt an operator to enter information, such as the their name, the unit under test, and the test set point before running a log session.

    Use the Properties page.
    Automate post-processing of log data

    Configure the Data Logging control to automatically run post-processing actions for log files produced by the control during a log session.

    This allows you to automate post-processing actions, such as passing log files to Excel or generating a PDF report from the log files.

    Use the Post-Processing page.

    See Running a Command Line Script and Loading a File in DIAdem.
    Download log files produced by targets Configure the Data Logging control to automatically download files produced by a target and to include these files in post-processing.

    Use the Target Logs page.

    See Including Log Files Produced on a Target in Post-Processing.

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