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NI-XNET Bus Monitor

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Use the NI-XNET Bus Monitor to display and log CAN, FlexRay, or LIN network data as either last recent data or historical data view.

Use the Workspace to launch the NI-XNET Bus Monitor.

To identify more detailed frame information, assign a network database to the NI-XNET Bus Monitor. You can display the message name and comment information in the Monitor view or ID Log view if you find a received frame in the database.

In addition to the network data, the NI-XNET Bus Monitor can provide statistical information. For offline data analysis, you can stream all received network data to disk in two log file formats.

You can launch the NI-XNET Bus Monitor from Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or from the Windows Start menu.

For more information about the NI-XNET Bus Monitor, refer to the NI-XNET Tools and Utilities Help.

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