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Primary Control Loop Step Execution in Models

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

The Primary Control Loop (PCL) executes steps in models differently if it is in parallel mode or in low latency mode.

Setting the PCL execution mode to parallel or low latency affects the steps that the VeriStand engine takes each iteration. The following table displays the main differences.

PCL iteration Parallel mode steps Low latency mode steps
  1. Writes values to model.
  2. Initiates execution of model.
  1. Writes values to model.
  2. Waits for model to finish executing.
  3. Reads values from model.
Second and after
  1. Reads values from previous execution of model.
  2. Writes values to model.
  3. Initiates execution of model.

In addition, the PCL timing differs in models depending on if it is running in parallel mode or low latency mode.

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