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Configuring the Watchdog Timer when Deploying to a Real-Time Target

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

You can modify the timing watchdog that stops the execution of the VeriStand Engine if too much time elapses when you deploy a project to a real-time target.

The timing watchdog is controlled by the Watchdog Timer Loop. This loop executes at a rate of 10 Hz and at a lower priority than the other loops in the VeriStand Engine.

The Watchdog Timer Loop executes and resets the Watchdog Timer system channel every 500 milliseconds. When the Primary Control Loop executes, it evaluates whether the Watchdog Timer system channel reports a time greater than 1 second. If it does, VeriStand throws an error and stops execution of the VeriStand Engine.

To enable or disable watchdog functionality, complete the following steps:

  1. Open System Explorer.
  2. Select Controller from the configuration tree to display the Controller Configuration page.
  3. Select Other Settings»Filter Watchdog Errors.
When you enable this option, VeriStand will filter errors reported by the timing watchdog. You can then monitor and respond to the Watchdog Timer system channel with custom alarms and procedures.

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