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Importing and Managing Batches of Model Parameters with the VeriStand Editor

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Import model parameters with the Model Parameter Manager to apply values defined in an external .txt file to a model.

Before you can work with model parameters, you must deploy and connect to a system definition and understand model parameter syntax.

Maintaining model parameter values in external files allows you to quickly switch between batches of test parameters without manually entering the values. This tool is also useful for managing multiple parameters from a single interface.

Setting the value of a parameter is a two-step process: importing or calculating new values, and then applying the new values.

  1. In the VeriStand Editor, click View»Model Parameter Manager.
  2. In the Model Parameter Manager pane, click Import File.
  3. In the Configure Parameter Import dialog box, select Parameter File Path and browse to the .txt file that contains parameter values.
    1. If aliases define the parameters in the file, select Alias File Path and browse to the alias file.
  4. Click OK to import the values from the file as pending values.
  5. Verify the values and click Apply Pending Changes to apply the values.
To update model parameter values, click in the Pending Value column, enter the new value, and click Apply Pending Changes.

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