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Configuring Failure Notification Using the Stimulus Profile Editor Tutorial

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Modify a real-time test by adding a return value that reflects the success or failure of a warm-up task.

If the engine temperature does not exceed 110 degrees, the warm-up task completes and the sequence returns true, which indicates that the warm-up task succeeded. If the engine temperature exceeds 110 degrees, the engine shuts down and the return value is false, which indicates that the warm-up task failed.
  1. Deploy the Engine DemoDeploy the engine demo's system definition before running a stimulus profile.
  2. Create a real-time sequence to return a pass/fail valueUpdate an existing sequence to pass a Boolean return value.
  3. Create a stimulus profile to execute after a step failsDefine the actions a stimulus profile performs to stop execution after a step fails.
  4. Run the stimulus profileCompile and run the stimulus profile to see the real-time sequence interact with the Engine Demo.
When the Message Box step executes in the stimulus profile, a dialog box with the message you specified appears in the Stimulus Profile Editor.

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