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Time Step Duration

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Use the Time Step Duration channel to monitor how long a model takes to execute.

If a model takes a long time to execute, the PCL might run slower than the target rate or the model might not run on schedule during the next PCL iteration. If a system contains multiple models and you need to determine which one delayed the system, monitor the Time Step Duration execution channel for each model. During each PCL iteration, a model executes one time step, so this channel allows you to see if a model executes longer than the expected rate, given the following equation.

model rate = PCL rate / decimation

The Windows operating system supports only millisecond resolution. This channel does not provide exact timing for microsecond values and instead provides an approximation that averages to the requested time over the course of the timing interval. Windows does not support resolutions under one millisecond and rounds them up to one millisecond.

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