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Supported Syntax in Model Parameter Files

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Format .txt files to the correct syntax before you apply them to a simulation model.

The text files must be in the following format.
parameter1 delimiter value1
parameter2 delimiter value2

The text file cannot contain any column headers.

The following table describes valid entries for the elements of the text file.
Element type Valid entries

When processing parameter files, VeriStand expects this element to start with a letter and contain only alphanumeric characters or underscores. To update a parameter whose expression does not fit these naming conventions, such as a block parameter that must include the model and block names, separated by slashes, enclose this element in curly braces ({ }). For example: {model1/sine/parameter1}.

delimiter A tab, equals sign (=), or comma (,)
  • A numeric constant (double)
  • A matrix in row-major form with the following element types:
    • Numeric constants (doubles)
    • Fractions of the form x/y, where x and y are doubles
    • A temporary variable that represents a scalar value

    For example, if a and b are declared variables, then [1 -2/3; a b]is a valid 2 x 2 matrix.

  • The constants Infinity and -Infinity
  • An expression that follows the VeriStand expression syntax
  • A path to another model parameter file

    A path is only valid if the corresponding parameter entry is subscript.

Refer to the text files in the <Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Stimulus Profiles\Update Model Parameters directory for examples of valid model parameter text files.

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