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Enhancing Your Workspace to View Data

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Use other tools, such as the Alarm Monitor, TDMS File Viewer, and XNET Bus Monitor, to view data in the Workspace.

Before you begin, verify that you have the tool in your Workspace Tools menu. If you do not, refer to Adding a Standard or Custom Tools Menu Item.
  1. In the Workspace, select Tools.
  2. Depending on your goal, use any of the following tools.
    Goal Tool
    Manage alarms high limit, low limit, corresponding procedure name, delay duration, trip value, priority, state, and mode information. Alarm Monitor
    View the current values for several channels at a time. Channel Data Viewer
    View the contents of a .tdms file. TDMS File Viewer
    View and log messages sent by an NI-XNET device. XNET Bus Monitor
    Perform custom tasks specified by a LabVIEW VI. Custom VI Tool

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