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Custom Device Support

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

VeriStand officially supports custom devices that can be downloaded using NI Package Manager.

The following table displays custom devices that are supported in VeriStand.

Custom Device Description
Engine Simulation Toolkit Provides a configuration-based experience for validating engine control units (ECUs).
Scan Engine and EtherCAT Supports easily read scanned I/O from C series modules in a CompactRIO or NI 914x EtherCAT chassis. This custom device also supports custom FPGA personalities to be used with a 914x chassis.
SLSC 12201 DIO Module Custom Integrates the SLSC-12201 33 V Digital I/O Conditioning Module into VeriStand.
SLSC EDS Custom Device Allows any generic SLSC Capabilities file to be used in VeriStand.
Synchronization Custom Device Synchronizes RT system time and PXI chassis clocks.

Check NI GitHub for updates and other custom devices.

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