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Viewing Channel Values at Run Time

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

Monitor channels with the Channel Data Viewer to view the current values of several channels together.

  1. In the VeriStand Editor, Click View»Channel Data Viewer.
  2. In the Channel Data Viewer tab, click the Channel Filter pull-down menu and select the type of channels to display.
    Type of channel Description
    Channels Displays all channels in the system definition file.
    Parameters Displays model parameters.
    Writable Displays all writable channels. To update the value of a writable channel, click inside the Pending Value cell for the channel, enter the desired value, and then click Apply Pending Changes.
    Aliases Displays all aliases defined in the system definition file.
    Custom Allows you to display channels of your choosing. To select the channels to display, click Select Channels and use the system definition configuration tree to select the channels to display.

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