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Updating Model Parameters During Test Execution Using the Stimulus Profile Editor Tutorial

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Call text files in a stimulus profile to update the values of engine model parameters while a test is running.

Use the Update Model Parameters from File step in a stimulus profile to call text files. This step has similar functionality to the VeriStand Editor Model Parameter Manager tab and the Model Parameter Manager Workspace tool. The step can update the parameters of a deployed and running model.

Using the step removes the manual process of launching the tool, updating values, and applying those values. Also, because Update Model Parameters from File is a step, it executes inline with the rest of your stimulus profile code. This ensures that you can update your model at known points within the execution of the stimulus profile.

  1. Deploy the Engine DemoDeploy the engine demo's system definition before running a stimulus profile.
  2. Update the stimulus profile to use a text fileConfigure an existing stimulus profile to use a text file to update model parameters without having to create and run multiple profiles.
  3. Run the stimulus profileCompile and run the stimulus profile to see the real-time sequence interact with the Engine Demo.

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