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Including Log Files Produced on a Target in Post-Processing

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Automatically download files produced by a target to include these files in post-processing.

You must start and stop the logs on the targets from outside of the Data Logging control.
  1. Click Edit settings on the data logging control.
  2. Select Target Logs.
  3. Click Download target log files to host.
  4. Click Add to add channels.
  5. Select the targets from which you want to download files.
  6. Specify the location to which to download the files in Destination and click OK.
  7. Select Include downloaded target-log files in post processing.
When you stop logging, the log control downloads all files closed by the target during logging. If you choose to use DIAdem for post-process, the log files merge in DIAdem below the host-side log files.

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