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Connecting Individual Targets

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Use the Manage Targets dialog box to connect to a new target for the first time or to reconnect to an old target after maintenance.

Connecting to a target deploys the system definition to the target. You must define the target in the system definition before connecting to a new target. Otherwise, you must undeploy the system definition from all targets, define the new target, and redeploy to all targets.
  1. In the VeriStand Editor, click Tool Launcher» Manage Targets .
  2. In the Manage Targets dialog box, select the target or targets that you want to connect.
  3. Click Deploy.

    If you are reconnecting a target that already has the system definition, select the target in the Manage Targets dialog box and click Connect.

  4. In the Running Project dialog box, click Close on successful deployment so that the window closes automatically.
  5. Click Save Log to save a copy of the deploy status log.
  6. Click Close.
In the Manage Targets dialog box, check that the State indicator shows that the target is running.

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