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Configuring a System Definition File

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Modify a system definition file to complete tasks such as configuring the VeriStand engine, adding models, and creating aliases.

Before you begin, you must create a new system definition file. The system definition file contains the configuration settings of the VeriStand Engine, such as the system rate and the list of channels.
  1. Open a project in VeriStand.
  2. Depending on your goal, complete any of the following tasks.
    Goal Task
    Adding and activating a system definition file Reuse or add new system definition files to VeriStand projects.
    Connecting to a target system definition Connect to the target's deployed system definition to send and receive data.
    Specifying a target Select a target and designate its name, operating system, and IP address.
    Configuring the VeriStand Engine Control the timing of the system and the communication between the target and host computer.
    Adding and configuring a procedure Set the actions the VeriStand Engine executes in response to an alarm, when called from another procedure, or as a startup procedure.
    Adding and configuring an alarm Use alarms to notify the user that the value of a channel has gone outside a specified range of values.
    Adding and configuring a hardware device Add and configure National Instruments hardware, timing and sync devices, and custom devices.
    Scaling a channel on hardware devices Create scales to convert hardware channel unit measurements to transducer/actuator scaled units.
    Adding and configuring a custom device Add and configure third-party custom devices to execute user-defined actions, determined by LabVIEW VIs.
    Adding and configuring a model Connect a model to other parts of the system and run the model on a hardware target.
    Adding a user channel Store a single value as a user channel to use as a variable in procedures, stimulus profiles, and other operations.
    Adding a calculated channel Produce a new value based on calculations performed on other channels in the system using the Mapping Diagram.
    Creating an alias Set an alternate name for channels in a system definition file.
    Mapping channels and aliases Connect channels or aliases to one another.
After you configure the system definition, configure the project file.

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