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Communicating with the VeriStand Editor Using Stimulus Profile Arguments

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Send commands to the VeriStand Editor through a stimulus profile to specify a VeriStand project, a system definition, VeriStand Gateway IP address, or connect to a target from the system definition.

Depending on your goal, use an argument to send a command to the VeriStand Editor.
Goal Argument Example
Specify the VeriStand project to run. /nivsprj /nivsprj "<Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Engine Demo.nivsprj"
Specify the system definition file to use. /sysdef /sysdef "<Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Engine Demo.nivssdf"
Specify the IP address of the VeriStand Gateway. gateway /gateway
Tell the VeriStand editor to connect to the target defined by the system definition file. /connect /connect

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