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VeriStand Directories and Aliases

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

VeriStand uses directories and aliases for project files, models, and custom devices.

The following tables list paths to common VeriStand directories by operating system. The heading before each table indicates how NI documentation refers to the directory. For directories with aliases listed, the alias is the text that appears with a relative path in an API or XML file. This text defines the directory that the path is relative to.

The aliases in this topic refer to locations on disk and are not related to aliases you define for channels in a system definition file.

<Common Data>

Alias: To Common Doc Dir

Operating system Path
Windows OS (Generic) <Public Documents>\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows 7/Vista (Default) C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows XP (Default) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\National Instruments\VeriStand

<Application Data>

Alias: To Application Data Dir

For internal use only. Certain custom device development tools, including Custom Device XML and the Device Properties VIs, can reference this directory. However, NI recommends you avoid storing or modifying files in this directory.

Operating system Path
Windows OS (Generic) <Application Data>\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows 7/Vista (Default) C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows XP (Default) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\VeriStand


Alias: To Base

Operating system Path
Windows OS (Generic) <Program Files>\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows 7/Vista (Default) C:\Program Files\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows 7/Vista 64-bit (Default) C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\VeriStand
Windows XP (Default) C:\Program Files\National Instruments\VeriStand

<Custom Device Engine Destination>

Alias: None

Operating system Path
Phar Lap/ETS C:\ni-rt\NIVeristand\custom devices\<custom device name>\

<Model Framework>

Alias: None

Operating system Path
Windows C:\VeriStand\Version Number\ModelInterface

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