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Executing Multiple Parallel Tasks Using the Stimulus Profile Editor Tutorial

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Create a stimulus profile and a real-time sequence that incorporates multitasking, which executes multiple parallel tasks.

This real-time test turns on a car engine, sets the engine speed to 2500 RPM, and holds this speed for 25 seconds. It then raises the engine speed to 8000 RPM and holds this speed for another 25 seconds. In addition to controlling the engine speed, the sequence multitasks to monitor engine temperature. If the engine temperature exceeds 110 degrees, the engine shuts down and the sequence aborts.
  1. Deploy the Engine DemoDeploy the engine demo's system definition before running a stimulus profile.
  2. Create a multitasking real-time sequenceCreate a real-time sequence that will warm-up and monitor the demo engine in separate tasks.
  3. Create a stimulus profileConfigure a stimulus profile to execute a multitasking real-time sequence.
  4. Run the stimulus profileCompile and run the stimulus profile to see the real-time sequence interact with the Engine Demo.

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