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Controlling and Monitoring Model Execution

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Use model execution channels to interact with models.

Use model execution channels to accomplish tasks such as manually starting the execution of a model rather than allowing it to execute upon deployment. When you add a model to your VeriStand project, model execution channels are created.
  1. Add a model to the system definition.
  2. Depending on your goal, map a model execution channel to model controls on the Workspace to control or monitor the state of the model after deployment.

    You can find execution channels for a model in the configuration tree by clicking Targets»Controller»Simulation Models»Models, selecting a model, and clicking Execution.

    Goal Model execution channel
    Run, pause, or stop the simulation Model Command
    Save the model state to file or restore the model state to file
    View the model execution status Model Status
    View the time in the model Model Time
    View how long the current time step of the model has been running Time Step Duration

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