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Adding a CAN, FlexRay, or LIN Port

Last Modified: March 27, 2020

Add a CAN, FlexRay, or LIN port to a system definition file.

  1. Launch the VeriStand Editor.
  2. In the Project Files pane, double-click a system definition file (.nivssdf). System Explorer opens.
  3. Click Targets»Controller»Hardware»Chassis»NI-XNET in the configuration tree.
  4. Select the type of port you want to add.
  5. Click Add CAN/FlexRay/LIN Port to display the Add New NI-XNET CAN/FlexRay/LIN Port dialog box.
  6. Enter a port name, address, XNET database, and cluster within the database to associate with the port, and click OK.
  7. Save the system definition file.
Expand the port to view sections for adding incoming and outgoing frames, data logging files, and other options. Use the CAN, FlexRay, or LIN Port configuration page to configure additional settings for the newly added port.

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