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Triggering an Alarm for a Specific Channel Value

Last Modified: December 13, 2019

Create an alarm that trips when a channel reaches an exact value.

  1. Launch the VeriStand Editor.
  2. In the Project Files pane, double-click a system definition file (.nivssdf). System Explorer opens .
  3. Click Targets»Controller in the configuration tree.
  4. Right-click Calculated Channels and select Add Calculated Channel.
  5. In the Calculated Channel Settings drop-down menu, select Conditional.
  6. Define the if/else statement VeriStand evaluates when the channel produces values.
    1. In Channel to check (x), select a channel to monitor.
    2. In the Condition drop-down menu, select =.
    3. Enter a y value that will trip the alarm.
    4. Enter If True (w) as 1.
    5. Enter Else (z) as 0.
  7. Right-click Alarms and select Add Alarm.
  8. In Alarm Source, select the calculated channel you created.
  9. In Alarm Upper Limit and Alarm Lower Limit, select Constant Value and enter 0.000.

    When the calculated channel detects the channel value you specified (y value), the value of the calculated channel changes to 1 (If TRUE (w)) and the alarm trips.

  10. Save the system definition file.

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