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Unpacking the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem

Last Modified: January 11, 2021

Before you unpack the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem, move the shipping container to the area in your facility where you will set up the subsystem. Ensure there is adequate space around the container to unpack its contents.

To prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from damaging the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem while unpacking, ground yourself using a grounding strap or by holding a grounded object, such as your computer chassis.


  • Scissors, knife, or box cutter

Complete the following steps to unpack the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem.

  1. Inspect the shipping container for damage.
  2. Open the shipping container.
  3. Cut open the anti-static barrier bag.
  4. Remove each VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem component from the shipping container and inspect each component for any physical damage.
After you unpack the shipping container and inspect the shipment, dispose of the container and leftover packing materials per your facility policies.

If you notice damage to the shipping container or its contents during inspection, file a claim with the shipment carrier. If you file a claim, do not discard the shipping container or packing materials until your claim is resolved.

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