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Serial Operation Mode

Last Modified: January 13, 2021

When serial operation mode is enabled, the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem will interact with each measurement channel individually in a series. This mode enables each subsystem channel to utilize the maximum PXIe-5162 sample rate.


The subsystem operation mode does not affect the performance of a one-channel subsystem configuration.

Before testing can begin, the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem must load system configuration information and pulse settings to initialize each measurement channel. After the configuration information is loaded, the subsystem maps a specific NI-4134, PXIe-4135, PXIe-5162 channel, and other components to each subsystem channel.

During test execution, the subsystem uses the current settings you specify to generate pulses and measure signals channel-by-channel. After a channel completes an I-V measurement, the subsystem proceeds with the I-V measurement for the next channel.


In serial operation mode, you can configure the PXIe-5162 to sample at up to 5 GS/s to provide optimal measurement quality for short pulse lengths, for example 5 ns.

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