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Performing I-V Measurements

Last Modified: January 13, 2021

The VCSEL I-V Test Software enables you to perform I-V measurements on one subsystem channel as well as multiple subsystem channels. For multiple subsystem channels, the VCSEL I-V Test Software supports serial and parallel operation mode.


After the initial setup of the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem, you can perform an I-V measurement to validate the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem setup and operation.

Before you begin, ensure that you have completed system compensation and pulse compensation.

Complete the following steps to perform an I-V measurement.

  1. Select Help»Find Examples from LabVIEW and navigate to Toolkits and Modules»VCSEL I-V Test to open VCSEL I-V Measurement.lvproj.
  2. Open one of the following I-V measurement example VIs according to your subsystem configuration:
    • Single Channel VI
    • Multiple Channels (Serial) VI
    • Multiple Channels (Parallel) VI
  3. Follow the instructions on the VI front panel to complete the I-V measurement.
After the I-V measurement is complete, I-V curves appear on the VI front panel. You can use the VCSEL Test Result Viewer example VI, accessible from the NI Example Finder, to learn more information about your I-V measurement results.

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