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Parallel Operation Mode

Last Modified: January 13, 2021

When parallel operation mode is enabled, the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem configures the hardware in each subsystem channel simultaneously before executing a pulse on each channel sequentially. This mode increases the test throughput of a multi-channel subsystem configuration.


The subsystem operation mode does not affect the performance of a one-channel subsystem configuration.

Before testing can begin, the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem must load system configuration information and pulse settings to initialize each measurement channel. After the configuration information is loaded, the subsystem maps a specific NI-4134, PXIe-4135, PXIe-5162 channel, and other components to each subsystem channel.

During test execution, the subsystem uses the current settings you specify to simultaneously generate pulses and measure signals on all channels. After all channels complete the I-V measurement, the subsystem updates the current settings and proceeds with the next I-V measurement.

In parallel operation mode, the maximum sample rate of the PXIe-5162 depends on the number of subsystem channels in the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem. For example, the maximum sample rate per channel is up to 1.25 GS/s if all four subsystem channels are active. If only channel 0 and channel 2 of the PXIe-5162 are active, the maximum sample rate per channel is up to 2.5 GS/s.


Refer to the Onboard Clock section of the PXIe-5162 Specifications for more information about sample rate ranges.

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