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Hardware Overview

Last Modified: January 11, 2021

The VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem comprises the following hardware:

  • NI-4134 Pulse Generator—The NI-4134 is a pulse generator that receives voltage from an external PXIe-4135 SMU and generates high-speed current pulses proportional to that voltage. This manual contains an overview of NI-4134 functionality when used as a component of the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem. Refer to the NI-4134 product certifications for more information about this pulse generator.
  • PXIe-4135 Source Measure Unit—The PXIe-4135 is a high-precision, system source measure unit (SMU) that features 4-quadrant operation, sources up to 20 W of DC power, and can pulse up to 500 W. Refer to the PXIe-4135 documentation for more in-depth information about this SMU.
  • PXIe-5162 Oscilloscope—The PXIe-5162 high-speed oscilloscope device has four channels that sample at up to 5 GS/s with flexible settings for coupling, voltage range, and filtering. Refer to the PXIe-5162 documentation for more in-depth information about this oscilloscope.
  • PXIe-1092 Chassis—The PXIe-1092 chassis combines a high-performance 9-slot PXI Express backplane with a high-output power supply and a structural design that has been optimized for maximum usability in a wide range of applications. Refer to the PXIe-1092 documentation for more in-depth information about this chassis.
  • PXIe-8880 Controller—The PXIe-8880 is a high-performance embedded controller for use in PXI Express systems. Refer to the PXIe-8880 documentation for more in-depth information about this controller.
  • MXI-Express Gen-3 x16 System—The MXI-Express Gen-3 x16 system in the VCSEL I-V Test MXI Subsystem consists of a PCIe-8398 installed in a computer and connected to a PXIe-8398 in a PXI chassis.
    • PCIe-8398 Host Interface Card—The PCIe-8398 host interface card is installed in an external host and connected to the PXIe-8398 remote control module in order to control the PXI Express system. Refer to the PCIe-8398 documentation for more in-depth information about this host interface card.
    • PXIe-8398 Remote Control Module—The PXIe-8398 is a PXI Express Gen-3 x16 remote control module that enables the control of a PXI Express system from an external host such as a desktop PC, rackmount controller, or a separate master chassis, with a sustained throughput up to 13.7 GB/s. Refer to the PXIe-8398 documentation for more in-depth information about this remote control module.

    Refer to the MXI-Express Gen-3 x16 User Manual for safety information about the PCIe-8398 on page 24 and the PXIe-8398 on page 28.

This manual contains only detailed reference information for the instrumentation when used together as a VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem. If needed, refer to the product documentation for each subsystem component to review more in-depth information.

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