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Channel Configurations for the VCSEL I-V Test PXI Subsystem

    Last Modified: January 11, 2021

    A one-channel PXI subsystem configuration utilizes a single NI-4134 pulse generator and PXIe-4135 SMU and requires a connection to the PXIe-5162 oscilloscope, a connection to the PXIe-8880 controller, and a connection to the DUT. This one-channel subsystem can only test one DUT at a time.

    Figure 1. One-Channel PXI Subsystem Configuration Connection Diagram
    1. PXIe-1092 chassis
    2. NI-4134 pulse generator
    3. Load board
    4. USB cable
    5. BNC cable
    6. Force HI Triax cable
    7. Sense HI Triax cable
    8. 30 dB attenuator

    You can use the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem One Channel Expansion Kit (s/n 866278-UPG1) to add a channel to the subsystem, up to a maximum of four channels in a single PXIe-1092 chassis.

    The multi-channel PXI subsystem configuration utilizes more than one NI-4134 pulse generator and PXIe-4135 SMU to test DUTs with higher throughput than the one-channel configuration. This configuration requires a connection to a DUT for each subsystem channel. A multi-channel subsystem configuration typically includes four NI-4134 pulse generators and PXIe-4135 SMUs, but can also support two or three pairs of these instruments.

    Figure 2. Multi-Channel PXI Subsystem Configuration Connection Diagram

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