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Channel Configurations for the VCSEL I-V Test MXI Subsystem

    Last Modified: January 11, 2021

    A one-channel MXI subsystem utilizes a single NI-4134 pulse generator and PXIe-4135 SMU and requires a connection to the PXIe-5162 oscilloscope, a connection to your computer, a connection between the PXIe-8398 remote control module and the PCIe-8398 host interface card installed in your computer, and a connection to the DUT. This one-channel subsystem can only test one DUT at a time.

    Figure 1. One-Channel MXI Subsystem Configuration Connection Diagram
    1. PCIe-8398
    2. PXIe-1092 chassis
    3. Host PC
    4. NI-4134 pulse generator
    5. Load board
    6. MXI-Express Gen-3 x8 cable
    7. USB cable
    8. BNC cable
    9. Force HI Triax cable
    10. Sense HI Triax cable
    11. 30 dB attenuator

    You can use the VCSEL I-V Test Subsystem One Channel Expansion Kit (s/n 866278-UPG1) to add a channel to the subsystem, up to a maximum of four channels in a single PXIe-1092 chassis.

    The multi-channel MXI subsystem configuration utilizes more than one NI-4134 pulse generator and PXIe-4135 SMU to test DUTs with higher throughput than the one-channel configuration. This configuration requires a connection to a DUT for each subsystem channel. A multi-channel subsystem configuration typically includes four NI-4134 pulse generators and PXIe-4135 SMUs, but can also support two or three pairs of these instruments.

    Figure 2. Multi-Channel MXI Subsystem Configuration Connection Diagram

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