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NI-4134 Impedance Configurations

Last Modified: January 11, 2021

The NI-4134 has two impedance configurations suitable for different applications: full impedance and half impedance.

The impedance configuration of the NI-4134 is not software selectable; it is determined by the physical connections you make to the HIGH SPEED PULSE PRIMARY and HIGH SPEED PULSE SECONDARY outputs.

The ultimate impedance the NI-4134 provides at the DUT depends on which impedance configuration you are using and therefore the design of your DUT load board.

The following table summarizes the impedance configurations and their applications.

Impedance Configuration How to Configure Impedance Magnitude Application
Full impedance Connect HIGH SPEED PULSE PRIMARY to the DUT load board. Leave HIGH SPEED PULSE SECONDARY disconnected. 50 Ω at the DUT Improving current output resolution
Half impedance Connect both HIGH SPEED PULSE PRIMARY and HIGH SPEED PULSE SECONDARY to the DUT load board. 25 Ω at the DUT Enabling pulses of higher current

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