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PXI Controller COM Port Binding

    Last Modified: February 1, 2021

    Configure PXI Controller COM ports to be consistent with your system design if the System Verification operations reports a COM port number assignment error. Read the following instructions for information on how to correctly assign a PXI controller port number.

    1. Open Windows Device Manager.
    2. Select Ports»Communications Port, and right-click to select Properties.
    3. Click Advanced..., and select a port binding from the COM Port Number drop-down list.

      When swapping COM port number assignments between two ports, set one of them to an unused port number first to avoid setting two ports to the same port number.


      If you get an error when changing the COM port number, reboot the machine and try again.

    After configuring new port bindings, close the Properties window, right-click the Communications Port in Windows Device Manager, and select Scan for Hardware changes to apply changes.

    Open the NI Max application and expand the Devices and Interfaces section and verify the COM port number updates for your device.

    These final steps are necessary for your new COM port number bindings to be visible to Test System Maintenance Software.

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