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COM Port Binding

    Last Modified: February 1, 2021

    Configure COM port bindings to be consistent with your system design.

    Test System Maintenance Software detects errors in your system configuration, including incorrect COM port binding assignments. The Verify System Configuration operation checks whether your COM port bindings match your system configuration file.

    After running the operation, check for errors in the generated report. If a COM port in the system has a port number that doesn't match the system definition, Test System Maintenance Software will log the following error under the Ports with Problems section of the report:
    The serial port binding, COM{#}, does not match the serial port binding from the system definition, COM{#}.
    Automatic adjustment of serial port bindings is not supported. 
    See the help file for details on how to manually modify serial port bindings.
    Refer to the following topics for instructions on how to correctly configure COM port bindings to resolve these errors:

    If you need to assign a COM port binding to a port already in use, make temporary assignments to an unused COM port.

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