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Minimizing Thermal Gradients

    Last Modified: August 1, 2019

    Changes in the ambient air temperature near the front connector or a thermocouple wire conducting heat directly to terminal junctions can cause thermal gradients. Observe the following guidelines to minimize thermal gradients and improve the system accuracy.

    • Use small-gauge thermocouple wire. Smaller wire transfers less heat to or from the terminal junction.
    • Run thermocouple wiring together to keep the wires at the same temperature.
    • Avoid running thermocouple wires near hot or cold objects.
    • Minimize adjacent heat sources and air flow across the terminals.
    • Keep the ambient temperature as stable as possible.
    • Make sure the FieldDAQ device terminals are facing forward or upward.
    • Keep the FieldDAQ device in a stable and consistent orientation.
    • Allow the thermal gradients to settle after a change in system power or in ambient temperature. A change in system power can happen when the system powers on, or you add or remove devices from a network topology.
    • Allow the thermal gradients to settle after plugging or unplugging the mini-TC plugs.

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